Jim Napierala is a New York Based Artist .   He was born in Buffalo NY and  studied 

Sculpture and Art History   at SUNY Buffalo, and Hunter College.  After moving to New York, he began  painting;   and is essentially self-taught   .

         Napierala  has developed a unique  approach to painting , which has continued to evolve over time.  Working in Flashe, Acrylic, and Aluminum Leaf on Wood,  he layers form upon form to create visually stunning  works which balance logic and intuition  through structure and gesture.

His influences range from Icon painting to early Modernism to the vernacular.

       Napierala is not didactic about his work; he hopes the viewer will see, interpret, and hopefully be moved by his work.  He slyly quotes Ambrose Bierce regarding the definition  of Painting:

"Painting is the act of protecting surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic."


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