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Paintings 2016-18

all works are Acrylic, flashe, and aluminum leaf on wood panel

Ghosty  18x18 MM14.jpg
Cap'n Whiskey 18x18  MM14_edited.jpg
Obediah K.  18x18 MM14.jpg
Senor Junior 18x18 MM14.jpg

Ghosty     18"x18"  (sold)

Cap'n Whiskey  18"x18"  (sold)

Obediah K.  18"x18" (sold)

Senor Junior 18"x18"

King Dice 18x18 MM14.jpg

King Dice 18"x18"

Cha-Cha  MM15 18x24.jpg
Duke of Ear_edited.jpg

The Duke of Ear 36"x24"  (sold)

Cha-Cha  18"x24"

Sam Therapy 18x18 MM14.jpg

Problem Queen 18"x18"

Skeetrerino MM15  24x30_edited.jpg

Skeeterino  24"x 30"  (sold)

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