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2019 Paintings

all works are oilstick on wood

Spinning Away   2019 24x18.jpg

Spinning Away  24" x 18"  (sold)

Why the Wheel Turns 2019 24x18.jpg

Why the Wheel Turns  24"x18"

Fate is the Wheel 2019 24x18.jpg

Fate is the Wheel  24" x 18"

Golden Green 2019  24x18.jpg

Golden Green  24"x18"

The Showering Sun  2019  24x18.jpg

The Sheltering Sun  24" x18"

My Deep Blue Sea 2019 24x18.jpg

My Deep Blue Sea 24"x18"

Inward Eye 2019 16x12.jpg
False Astronomy  2019  16x12.jpg
Speed of Life  2019 16x12.jpg
Study for The Cloud of Unknowing   2019 16x12.jpg

False Astronomy  (sold)

Inward Eye   16"x12"  (sold)

Speed of Life    16"x12"

Study     16"x12"

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