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2021 (Demons)

Untitled  16x12.jpg
The Harlequin's Therapist 16x12.jpg
The Slider 16x12.jpg
Of Where and When  16x12.jpg
Breaking Glass 16x12.jpg

Untitled  16"x12"

Harlequin's Therapist

The Slider  16"x12"

Of Where & When

Breaking Glass 

all works are ink and watercolor on wood panel

Untitled 24x18.jpg
Untitled(blue)  24x18.jpg
Kubuki 24x18.jpg

Untitled   24"x18"

Kabuki   24"x18"

Untitled 24" x 18"

Angel of Silence  24" x18"

March of the Skeptics  18x38.jpg

March of the Skeptics   18"x38" (SOLD)

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