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Paintings 2020

all works are flashe and enamel on wood panel

First Light 24x18 2020.jpg

First Light 24" X 18"

Binary Bolero  24x18 2020.jpg
Michi No Ke   24x18 2020.jpg

Binary Bolero  24" x 18"

Michi No Ke  24"  x 18"

New Blue Day  24x18 2020.jpg

New Blue Day  24"x 18"

Zone of Avoidance  36x36 2020.jpg

Zone of Avoidance   36" x  36"

Andragogy   24x36 2020.jpg

Magic and Dignity  24" x 36"  (triptych)

Magic and Dignity  24x18 2020.jpg

Andragony   24" x 36"   (diptych)

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